Saturday, March 6, 2021

Scrapbook Saturday

For the longest time, to get this effect for a title, we had to layer a transparency over the top of the base. On our retreat, my friend, Pam taught us how to do it on our computer by layering text boxes. Pretty easy. Now if I can only remember it. Only kidding, you know me. I listed the steps, sent it to all of my friends as a reminder and have stored it on my computer. The cut "Family" on the other side is leftover from a layout a couple years ago. I cut several of this title in different sizes. The extra came in handy for this page. Email me if you want me to send you the steps for the layered effect.
For AYM this year, we are doing another round of Story Starters. I went first with "Snow reminds me of..." For me, the answer was growing up in St. Louis!
I just had to document the once in a lifetime sighting of the Star of Bethlehem. The journaling was another technique I taught myself on the retreat. I created a text box, then created a shape. I pulled it in to the text box and did my journaling. I wanted it to wrap around the star, but couldn't quite figure that out. I ended up with this and was perfectly happy with it. Also, I used a couple stamps left from a couple Christmas cards we got this year. The quote is a card front.
So, I've mentioned several times about our family virtual challenges. This page holds one of the medals I've gotten---walking the length of Britain and my "race number" from the Titan's virtual 5K that we actually got together to do.
"The Rock Project" is another technique that I taught myself. This one was pretty easy. I just used a shape and put the title inside. I was able to outline the letters too. I love the cute little thank you note that Parker sent me for commissioning her to paint rocks for me.

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