Thursday, March 18, 2021

Five Things Thursday

This craft desk was made from an old piano. What a clever idea. I love old things that have been repurposed in to something unusual. This definitely fits the bill. I pulled this photo from my blog friend, Susanne's blog, Snaps and Snippets. Check her out!
Oh, yeah. I remember running around the outside to take my turn at spinning everyone and then jumping on for a 5 second ride! It slowed down so fast. The fun part was then jumping off and stumbling around---all dizzy. Funny thing is, I don't have to be spinning at all to be stumbling around---all dizzy these days! Just a little "old age" will do. it!
OMGosh! I pretty much HATE this. I don't think it's clever at all. It's sort of sickening. Okay, I'll admit, it's unusual. Not for me.
This could not be truer!! Books definitely "spark joy" for me--even if they are electronic these days. I'm sure Marie would condone hundreds of electronic books--they take up so little space! Still, I have many, many, many, many books. Just NONE on the nightstand!
And then there's this. I love the flowers---and the bike used as a mailbox holder. But, I'm not crazy about the little wooden fence. I'd prefer that it just be a little flower bed or a little wrought iron fencing so the plants could wander and trail through. Plus I would paint the mailbox something that blends in a little better. 

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  1. That kind of bookcase might actually sell in some parts of the world during a pandemic. But you wouldn't catch me putting books on it. And Marie is crazy with that 30 number.


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