Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Travel Tuesday

We had a fabulous week --weather-wise. We wanted to take advantage of it AND get out of the house! So, Butch planned a little closer to home Adventure Lab (geo-caching) in Leipers Fork, TN. It's about 30 minutes away. Our friends, Bill and Nancy live there. It's a beautiful little community out in the country. Leipers Fork is also home to lots of country music stars--Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Chris Stapleton, the Judds and not country, but Justin Timberlake, plus many more--not that I'm a name dropper or anything! Just wanting you to understand what a beautiful place this is--still old-timey without a lot of commercialism. 

An Adventure Lab takes you on a little journey, often through history and points of interest. You gather clues as you go along to find the actual cache at the end. The adventure took us to 4 different locations.

The first one was this bench in front of Puckett's Grocery. It's actually dedicated to another Butch, but we just couldn't resist this picture.
There are a few really old churches in town. Old churches are common locations for caches or clues.
This church was started by three men who pooled their money and bought the land for $100 in the late 1800's, then built the church. One week it was for Baptists, one week for Church of Christ, one week for Methodists and one week for Presbyterians. That's a lot of different religions for such a small community!
We came across a couple rocks too. I love that. I wish I'd thought to bring one of mine. I'll have to remember that the next time.
Many of the old houses have been renovated. I love that they leave important "things" from the past. Do you see it?
The old water pump is still there. Now it looks like they might be using it for irrigation. Good idea.
More beautiful old houses.

This old "Andy of Mayberry" style car greets you as you arrive in to Leiper's Fork.

We spent about an hour browsing around town. 

Ultimately, the clues led us to the cache:
Guard rails are common cache locations. Can you see it?
It was a fun little jaunt. And, we were home by lunch time!! I love the short trips too!

We will actually be traveling tomorrow. We're headed back to the beach for a few days. Stephanie will be there working. Nicky will fly in on Friday night. Then Butch and I will come back on Monday--in time for our 2nd dose on Tuesday!! Yippee!


  1. I love the idea of that church multi-tasking for the different beliefs and what a bargain to buy the land for $100, I bet it would be more than that now!
    It seems so strange to read about you travelling and having family to stay over too when we are still in lockdown - oh I really hope we can do things like that soon! Good luck with your second vaccination x

  2. That looks like FUN! We're planning a few 10K walks this year - they typically lead us by historic or interesting sites as well.

    Those rocks remind me of the time I was visiting Cheri in Pennsylvania & she was leaving her painted rocks behind at the places we visited! I didn't notice at first until I "found" one of them ... it's in my craft room now as a reminder of the FUN we had that day.

  3. Looks like a fun place to explore. Am I a bad person in that the only lingering thought I had was how nice to only go to church once a month? Although this past year, that would have been a lot!


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