Sunday, March 21, 2021

Some Things For Sunday

We've only had one beautiful day until today at the beach. It's supposed to be nice and sunny today. It's kind of hit or miss at this time of year. I'm glad we're ending with a nice day since we leave tomorrow. 

Anyway, I have a few random things to share.
Have you ever heard of Color Street Nails? They are basically nail stickers. You literally just stick them on. My sister, Jeanne's friend sells them. They are around $10.00 and easy to do. It took about an hour. They are supposed to last for about 2 weeks. I suppose they would, but after a week, I started picking at them. Another drawback, you have to do your own cuticles, filing and lotion (minus the hand massage). I told the "friend" that I would probably just continue getting manicures but will order a couple sets to have on hand in a pinch and to give as a little gift to my granddaughters. I like the pampering of a manicure and it only takes 20 minutes. I'm all about efficiency! Still it was fun to give them a try. I do enjoy trying new things. 
Speaking of new things, I tried a new dish. We went to our favorite place for lunch---well, one of our favorite places--Surf Hut. We usually like to eat outside, but it was way too breezy (and chilly) this time. I settled on this dish--smoked tuna stuffed in baby bell peppers (trying to choose healthy). It was delicious! I saved three of them for happy hour! I usually get their Endless Summer Seafood Salad (my most favorite), but decided to try something new. Now I have two things I know I like!
Stephanie was at the beach working. She took Friday off, so we all went geo-caching. She found this one---with her eagle eye. Do you see it? There in the corner? It's a little magnet.
It's tiny!! 
Still, even that little, it has a log inside! We opted not to take this one out. Sometimes those tiny ones are really hard to get back in.

We updated our virtual aquarium. We felt like we needed a few more fish and more dimension. I'm actually going to make one more little change, but it's not worth changing this post for!
It all looks better with the lights on. But when taking photos, the light just made a glare. We're happy with how it came out. I know, that's a lot of dust collecting stuff! But, it's easy to clean it once a year. Also as for those faux plants, I just dunk them in dishwater, give them a good swirl and swish, spray off and leave outside to dry. They come out as good as new. I don't baby anything! And I am not going to clean each individual leaf. They are not exactly under the sea plants, but they serve the purpose.
The azaleas are in full bloom and look so pretty.
The azaleas at home are blooming too, but I haven't taken any pictures of them yet. 
It's so pretty with all the palm trees.
I spend a lot of time walking around.

I had every intention of going down to the beach this trip, but didn't make it. Thursday was the nicest, sunniest day, but the wind was crazy! It was windier than we've ever experienced down here. Butch and Stephanie had gone down to the beach to walk. Afterwards, Steph stayed down there. Butch said it wasn't fun at all. He said that the sand was whipping so hard that it actually felt like pin pricks hitting your legs. 

Uhhh, no thank you. Something you should know about me. I HATE the beach. Actually, maybe that's a little strong. I only like it when it's not too hot (which is usually never) or there are no biting flies (that's what happened the last time I was down there--a beautiful nice day--not too hot, but then the flies). And then there's the sand! It gets in everything! There's no preventing that.

Now don't get me wrong. I actually DO the beach when I'm with family or friends. I like to say I do it for love. I go down for a couple hours--until lunch and then I hit the pool. It's usually just so blasted hot. I can't take it! I need to remember to bring my misting bottle that I bought at Disney. After all, I have two of them. I forgot to bring it one time I went, so bought another. I love that thing. It really works well. You fill it with ice and then water, mist yourself and then turn the fan on to keep you cool. 

I'm not really a baby about the beach, but maybe I am. I do enjoy walking around seeing all the palm trees and houses. It's a nice change of pace. Which is exactly why we come. 

Hope you are having a quiet Sunday. 

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