Wednesday, February 10, 2021

What I Buy Wednesdays

Let's start with what I didn't buy. 

I went to Target---my favorite store---and one of my first real jobs. I just love Target. I only go about 3 or 4 times a year because I am a terrible impulse buyer. This time, I did get another one of those baskets I showed last week. It's holding the spare toilet paper.
I only bought one more, but I could easily have gotten more. I don't really "need" it, but I just wanted another one. I guess that's where my multiples problem comes in. I'm going to use it in the pantry. After all, it's hard to resist at $6.00.

But, and more importantly, here's what I didn't buy! 
These containers are exactly like the 12" ones I use for some of my scrapbook supplies. This one is 8". I thunk on it and thunk on it and couldn't justify it. Still, so darn cute!
Same color as the one above, but a smaller version. I was sooooo tempted, but really couldn't think of how I'd use them. So I passed them by.
And then there were these. OMGosh y'all. Right now I'm sitting here and can't believe I didn't just go ahead and buy them. The are only a buck and a half for a pack of 10. I had already bought new hangers for the beach and I don't need any at home, so I passed. It was hard, but I did it.
LOVE everything here, but I was able to pass them by. I realized that the colors of the 80's are back! Seafoam and peach. I had a feeling that when I turned the corner, there would be mauve and blue. Alas, there was not. I guess only half of the 80's are back.

I had planned to buy another one of these:
I wanted a back-up bath mat for when this one gets yucky. Unfortunately, our Target didn't have it. 

Okay so now on to the BIG purchase of the week. And it wasn't a fun purchase. 

As you might recall, I leave today for the Memory Make Inn. Weelll, it happens every darn time. Whenever we are trying to get out of town, something happens that costs us a lot of extra time that we don't have to spare. Always last minute stuff. This time, the dang freezer went out! Let me say that again in case you didn't hear me the first time. THE DANG FREEZER WENT OUT!!

Are you kidding me! FTS! This is as bad as I ever get in the language department, but never actually say it! 

It was a mad scramble to clean out the refrigerator freezer and cram as much as we could in to it. We had to prioritize as the freezer was full! That's FULL with a capital F-U-L-L! We managed to get most of the still frozen meat in there, but had to throw out a lot that was thawed. I ended up cooking the ground turkey that was only partially thawed. I turned it in to taco meat and put it back in the freezer. All the bread had to go---biscuits thawed, rolls, buns, etc. More than the two of us could possibly eat. Vegetables gone. toasted ravioli gone (this was particularly sad as we get that in St. Louis), mussels gone, so much just wasted. 

This has happened to us about 6 times in our nearly 50 years of marriage. It's a hassle every. single. time! 

So, the unfun purchase this week is going to be a new freezer. I think this is the first time that I can say that what I didn't buy was way more fun than what we did buy! Sheesh!

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  1. Oh, all those 'almost bought' - you were very restrained! Such bad news about the freezer, what a waste of good food. Every time I defrost my freezer I hold my breath when I turn it back on! Not something you want to happen just before you were about to go away.


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