Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday Mystery

Butch and I are a couple that are definitely set in our ways. We have a pretty good routine and rarely vary from it. After dinner, we clean up the kitchen and then get our jammies on before settling down to watch tv.

One evening, Butch came out and I noticed this:
I was a little shocked. I've never known him to buy or own socks like this, much less wear them! I queried, "Where the heck did you get those?" Surely it was a mystery to me. Then he raised his pant leg.
You have to look really close. Do you see the Titan's logo there? Well, apparently that was his Christmas gift from the Titans. They always send gifts out to their ticket holders. 

Well, I guess that solves the mystery. 

I sent these photos to Sandy, Stephanie and Mindy. They all got a kick out of it. But Sandy actually sent me this.
At the very same time Butch was wearing his striped socks and plaid pajama bottoms, so was Sandy!! Now that's a happy coincidence!

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