Saturday, February 13, 2021

Something for Saturday

Well, we finally finished it. Stephanie, Butch and I worked on it about 5 hours together. Then Butch and I spent about another 4 hours.  That's a lot of hours! Each little thing had to be made. 

Then Butch lit it up! The little lantern was supposed to light also, but it didn't. Oh well, there's nothing to do about it now. It's super-glued! Butch thinks it must have shorted out. Really, it's okay. I doubt I'd turn the lights on anyway. Notice those tiny pillows? They were pretty hard to make just because of the size. 

I just love the detail! I would totally decorate a room like this. Of course, there isn't room for any people, but it's still cute!
That's an actual real shell sitting there. It has an acrylic case so that it won't get dusty and to protect it. 
As for this sign--I got the idea that Butch could make this for us. He readily agreed after suggesting I look for it online. Once I couldn't find what I was looking for, it was onboard to make it. I'll be cutting the letters with my Cricut out of vinyl. I've already designed it on my Gypsy and will be cutting it at the Memory Make Inn today! Butch is going to use some of our leftover paint at the beach when we get down there next week. 

I'm so excited for this little thing. Little things really make me happy. I can't say I enjoyed making it, remember, I don't like crafts. But it was worth all that time. Don't 'cha think? And I'm happy it turned out just like the picture. Sometimes that doesn't happen.

Have you done any fun projects lately?


  1. That is so cute! Well worth all the hours it took to construct!

  2. Woah, just fabulous! I think any Little One (and Big One) would adore this ... What amazing attention to detail. I can't imagine how fiddly it was.


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