Thursday, February 25, 2021

Five Things Thursday

This is going to be a post of contrasts. Things couldn't be more opposite!

1. While we were here:
This was happening at home:

2. While we were doing this:
Lunch at one of our favorite oceanside restaurants.
Ordering my favorite salad--the Endless Summer Seafood Salad--the only thing I've ever gotten.

 They were doing this at home:

I kinda hated to miss the fun---significant snow is so rare for us.

3. As we were watching this:

This is what was happening at home:
 Yes, this is normally what the ocean looks like down at Santa Rosa Beach, FL, but this is our pool--partially frozen! We've never had that happen. 

4. While this was happening at home:
The "boulevard of broken sleds"--term coined by Justin.

This happened at the beach:
The "table of broken toes" was replaced by this:

5. While we were at the beach avoiding this:
Killer sharks!

Steph was at our house avoiding this:
Killer icicles!

Okay, I'll admit the last one was a bit of a reach. 

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