Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Quiet Week

So it's been a pretty slow week around here. The weather has been cold, although we have had some beautiful sunny days. Butch managed to get out and play some golf, so that's something. 

As for me, I did start cleaning out my closet. I'm way past doing it all in one day. Now I take one wall a day and do everything--shelves and racks. Just from the first two walls, I've gotten two boxes of clothes, purses and shoes to get rid of. I'll finish it this weekend. 

I also brought some boxes. upstairs to start cleaning out up there. I want to go through every drawer, closet and cabinet in the entire house. I feel good that we've already done the attic. When I asked Butch if he wanted to take one room a week, he reluctantly agreed. That was a week ago. We haven't started yet! Maybe this week. We'll see!

I hope you have a good weekend. This will be the first Super Bowl Sunday that we aren't somewhere or having people here. Still, I'm making a couple new appetizers just to make it more fun. I'm rooting for the GOAT!

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  1. Yay on getting the attic done. We really only have a few things in our attic so that's not a big deal here. This month, we are supposed to be doing a couple rooms a week deep cleaning. The 2.5 rounds of decluttering in 2020 means I don't need to worry about that. Just need to move furniture and tackle the stuff I don't get to as often as I did when younger. Hubby helped big time, but we only did 1 room. Hopefully this week we can tackle more. I won't complain about having so many rooms, because it's been a blessing to have the extra space during lockdown. I am sure you feel the same.


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