Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday Mystery

I thought it was an odd practice when at the beach, some of my friends would put towels from the beach or pool to just dry them without washing. I didn't really think about it much except that I didn't really like the idea of putting something in the dryer that had not been washed. I just figured it was just me and my fanatical ways.

But then, while at the beach, Butch was cleaning out the lint "thingy" in the dryer. The washer and dryer is one of this little stackable units that fit in a little closet. After he cleaned out the lint filter thing, he reached down and could feel more fuzz. He got out the vacuum and got this much out that was under the filter:
I guess that's why you hear about dryer fires. That's a lot of lint that is escaping in to the dryer. Notice the inch and a half below the lint? Well, it's SAND!!! OMGosh! That's a lot of sand! And that's just what he was able to vacuum out! There's quite a bit more in there, but our little attachment couldn't reach it. We're going to bring our longer one from home to really get at it. 

There's really no mystery here. We're not putting anything in the dryer that is not clean from now on! 

We're a couple of cleaning fools. Did I mention that I cleaned the hot water heater? Yeah, well, we're like that! Now we just have to get on a roll at home! There are plenty of things that could use a little attention.

Oh, and while we were at the beach, Butch finished making the sign I asked him to make. I wanted a sign exactly like the little beach house sign:
This little sign is cardboard and is about 1 inch long. I planned out the lettering on my Gypsy (for the Cricut electronic cutter) and my friend, Pam helped me cut it out of vinyl as I had no experience with that. Butch cut the arrow out of wood. When we got to the beach, Butch painted the sign and we put the vinyl on. 
Talk about perfect! I'm telling you, the guy can do anything! Of course I wanted it to actually point to the beach, so we had to turn it around. This one is about 15" long.
That little sign was the finishing touch to balance out this grouping. 

Speaking of other things he can do...
He made these shelves to put over the wire shelves in the pantry. He notched them out for a perfect fit and then covered the edges so the brown edges of the wood wouldn't show.
It looks so much nicer now. Now that we're not renting the place out, we can leave some non-perishables. 

We've ordered the new patio furniture to be delivered when we're back in March. So, with the addition of these pillows...
...we are completely done! Well, with the decorating. We still have the fight about the shower doors that were installed incorrectly. But then again, that's a whole 'nother story!

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  1. Oh I absolutely love that wall display you have there! That shell wreath is wonderful. Must be lovely to have a second home like that to visit!


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