Thursday, February 4, 2021

It's in the Details

This will be my last post about the beach condo---I promise!! But I did want to mention a few of the details that just add to the experience.

I put a charger and coaster on each nightstand. Our devices are so crucial to us that having a charger here while you are sleeping is a good idea. Actually, I got that from most of the hotels that now have USB ports on the lamps on nightstands in the rooms. I love that idea.
We've been working on the little beach house that Stephanie gave me for Christmas.
Oh My Gosh! There are so many parts and teeny tiny pieces! It's been fun. 3 of us (Butch, Steph and I) have already put in about 5 hours. I made the tiny pillows one afternoon. That was hard---they were so small. They didn't come out perfect, but they will work just fine. I should have the completed piece to share soon.
Since I'm all about organizing, I couldn't resist this little basket from Target. Also, we needed a bathmat for the hall bath. 
I couldn't believe this perfect match! And the thing is, it only came in this color or white. I had planned on getting white, but when I saw this one, I knew it was just the right thing. I just love Target I got all the towels there.
Now I'm thinking I might need to go ahead and get a second one to have in reserve. You know me and my multiples problem!
I bought this shoe organizer specifically to use for beach towels. I still think it's a good idea, but once we cleaned out the hall closet, there's plenty of room there to store them. I'll decide the next time we go down.
I'm very happy with how the pantry came out. Before, it was kind of a jumbled mess of stuff we "inherited"--old mops and brooms, buckets, assorted cleaning products, etc. We got rid of just about all of it. We put a rack on the wall on the left to hold those things that we could hang up. It's nice to be able to leave non-perishable food items and not have to clean everything out every time. This way, the we arrive, going to the grocery store does not have to happen right away. We can get by a night with some canned goods in the pantry. More containers keep it all looking nice and corralled! Hmmm. I think I'll get a couple more of those baskets from Target---just for the looks! It can hold those paper towels. Do I need it? No, but as my friend, Nancy E. always says, "Need has nothing to do with it!"
This is the little charging table I got for our computers.
It's perfect. Just lift the lid and plug in. Now we don't have to have computer cords sprawled out all over.
Sandy gave me this seashell candle holder. It's perfect. I love candles and the nice smell it puts off. Kind of the final touch to a room. At least I think so.

The place is all homey now. We're definitely going to be enjoying it more!

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