Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Travel Tuesday

On Wednesday, I'll be going to The Memory Make Inn in Lebanon, Illinois. There are 4 of us going from Nashville and my sisters, Jeanne and Janet will be joining us from St. Louis. 
We've been here several times and it is always so much fun! It's the perfect place for any crafters--of course for us, it's scrapbooking-- and the food is delicious. I have two challenges planned for the gang. I'll share those later. I'm really looking forward to it. 

Then, next week, we'll be heading back to the beach. I'm looking forward to that too. I'm planning to do a lot of stitching on this trip--and walking outside---maybe on the beach, or maybe not. We'll see.

We're really hoping to get back to our normal travel soon. We've put our Albequerque, Route 66, Sedona trip on the calendar for April. We're flying there and then renting a car for everything else. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll actually be able to do it. As of right now, if you fly in to New Mexico, you have to quarantine for 14 days. We're only staying for a week, so that won't work. We're hoping that will be lifted by April as more and more people get the vaccine. (Isn't it interesting that when you say something like that, everyone know exactly what you are talking about without having to explain it?)

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the little trips Stephanie and Mindy have made. Mindy and Justin went to the beach for almost a week and then drove to Orlando to spend some time with his family. His parents go there for a couple months every winter to get away from the harsh weather of Maine. Of course while they are there, the MUST go to Disney World! I love that Mindy always dresses for the park.
She wanted me to see that she was wearing the earrings I gave all the girls for Christmas. This family is obsessed with Disney. I can see she has some fun ears. Plus she actually has cute Disney clothes too--sun dresses and tops. Really cute stuff!

They really get in to it and always manage to do something fun and different.

This time they made their own light sabers. I think that's what they are called. I know nothing about Star Wars---Gasp!

As it turns out, Stephanie and Nicky were also in Florida. They went to Key West for an extra long weekend.

I was here a couple years ago on my sisters cruise. It's so much fun to see those colorful chickens and roosters roaming around---just wild. 
They can't resist sending us pictures of them eating our favorite foods. Butch LOVES key lime pie. Nicky said that all the reviews of this restaurant said you should not miss the key lime. He admitted that it was just "okay." He's had better. Still, it looks pretty amazing. Butch really likes Publix key lime pie. Compared to the many he's had, he thinks it's one of the best. As for me, I'm not a huge fan. I like it, but not crazy over it like some. On the other hand, the key lime pie at the Bonefish Grill is unbelievable! I LOVE that pecan crust! That's the thing. I'm not a huge graham cracker crust fan.
Nicky said the lobster Benedict was fabulous. It looks so delicious! I love just about any kind of Benedict. I've never had lobster, but I love lobster so I'm sure I would love it. So far, my favorite is the fried oyster eggs Benedict at Stanley's on Jackson Square in New Orleans. Soooo good---if you like oysters!

I'm living vicariously through them when it comes to trips! We love to travel and look forward to getting back to it! 

Any trips on your calendar?


  1. Very clever to make your own light sabre! Your travel plans sounds amazing and I hope you have a wonderful time... Over here, we've been in a lockdown for most of a whole year now, and we cannot go anywhere beyond a few miles from home and can only meet one other person and even that has to be outside for a brief period of time. I feel as if I live on a different planet compared to you :).

  2. I'm on planet Alexa too ;-) Seems slightly unreal to read about people planning trips!
    Have a great time on your travels, I'm so envious of you getting time at the beach. Make sure you share lots of photos with us so we can feel like we are there too!


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