Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts about....

...Russell Stover chocolates.

I need to tell you about my relationship with Russell Stover's. My love began when I was in Camp Fire Girls (now known as just Camp Fire when they decided to allow boys---not going there).
I had to sell Russell Stover candy to earn these patches. The Girl Scouts have their cookies, we had our candy. Each color designates a different number of boxes sold. I don't recall how many they represent but each patch is a from a different year. We sold 1 lb. boxes of chocolates for $2.00 and peanut brittle for 55 cents. I couldn't resist it. I was a kid, it was candy. I decided that I'd just save my allowance of 25 cents a week for 4 weeks. There are two things wrong with this thought process. I'm sure you figured the first one out---math is not my forte! The second problem is that the sale didn't run for a month. I think it was only two weeks long. Needless to say, I was in big trouble. Technically, I "stole" so had to tell it in confession. Then I didn't get allowance for 8 weeks. Believe me, I never did that again! But my love for Russell Stover's has never died!

In fact, one Christmas, I really stuck my foot in it when one granddaughter gave me RS. I raved and raved---saying, "there's nothing I like better---not even Godiva." You can guess what happened. A couple presents later, I opened a box of Godiva from another granddaughter! They won't let me live that down. But it's clear now---everyone knows my heart is with RS!! And it's cheap!!

For my birthday, Stephanie gave me a box with many pieces removed with little pieces of paper in their slots. Basically, she planned a trip to Manchester, TN for me. We did it this past Saturday, thinking the weather was going to be nice by then. It wasn't! It was cold, but we still had a great time.   Steph treated me to a Starbucks on the way out of town. We picked up Morgan to go with us as we passed through Murfreesboro. Turns out, Manchester (the home of Bonaroo) is just 15-20 minutes down the road from Murfreesboro. Our first stop:
OMGosh! I was like a kid in a candy store!! Oh, wait, I was!! I turned to Steph and asked her how much money I could spend---just like a little kid. She gave me a much bigger amount than I really need! I went for the sale---buy two boxes, get one free. Even at that, it's kind of dangerous for me to have this much candy around. I got a box of assorted milk chocolates, French mints (divine) and something new to me---sea salt pecan delights. I won't open them for awhile. That way they'll last longer.

I get candy four times a year---Christmas, my birthday in January, Valentine's Day and then Mother's Day. I do pretty good with a box and make it last at least a month---only allowing myself one or two pieces a day. Recently, I accused Butch of eating a piece---I knew I had two left. I should have known better, he has his own candy stash! Turns out, I just overlooked the last piece in the box. 

If I ate RS all the time, it wouldn't seem special! And those are my thoughts about Russell Stover!

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  1. I have never heard of that brand - but I like the way you make it sound! Sea Salt and pecan sounds amazing - I know I wouldn't be able to resist opening that one right away. Probably in the car park outside the store actually!


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