Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Too much to say and no time to write it! Pictures instead.
 Beautiful mosaics---EVERYWHERE! I'm doing something like this in my entry.
 Mass at St. Theresa our first night! I love old, beautiful churches. And we're talking centuries!
 Incredible Gaol and stories to go with it!
 Pour Academy---Guiness. Butch passed the test and has the certificate to prove it!
NCAA Championship Waterford crystal football. They actually let people hold this stuff! Fabulous tour.
 Steph and Nicky---I already don't remember where this is.
 Carriage ride in Kilarney---first thatched cottage.
 This is what happens when you put Stephanie in charge of jotting down points of interest. 5 of these 8 are pubs.
Reuniting with Nuala and her family---Ulster Project 1992.
When your kids stop by for happy hour when you are out-of-town!!

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