Monday, April 16, 2018

A Few Things

Our driveway looks like a parking lot most of the time. 5 cars and one boat! Luckily it's a big driveway!
I've liked all of my cars, but I do believe this one is my favorite! It belongs to Jordan now---2005. It has 160,000 miles, but still looks almost like new!
Bombay Sapphire is my favorite for gin and tonics. Nicky gave us this Uncle Val's. I didn't know anything about it, but as soon as I took one sip, I told Butch, "this tastes like roses!" That was before I knew it was a "botanical" gin. This girl knows her flowers! Not that I've eaten them. I guess it comes more from my teas---many of them have a botanical blend. Actually, I think I still prefer the sapphire. I'll stick to botanicals for my tea.
This little girl ran in to make her bed when I stopped by to visit. I guess she wanted everything to look just so before she showed off her room! Evie cracked me up with all of those stuffed animals. Even when I make my bed, I don't put all the decorative pillows on it.
This had to take time! Or maybe she sleeps on the lower half. If that's the case, she takes after her aunt! When I was growing up, I used to sleep in my bed piled high with clothes! I'd just crawl in under.
Not at all happy with how the face on this snowman is turning out. Now begins the arduous task of tearing it all out! I should never have followed that shading. It just looks goofy! Tear it out I will. Ugh! Tearing out takes longer than putting it in!
When it comes to trip planning, Butch is the master. He spends hours and hours researching everything! We leave for Ireland on Saturday with Stephanie and Nicky. Can you see all of those tabs? There are sections for everything!
It is quite detailed! Today (Sunday) he has made various reservations. Thank goodness he did the research. One of the most popular sights in Dublin requires tickets in advance. There were only two  time slots left! Had we waited, until arriving, we would never have been able to see the "gaol."

I love it when we're traveling together as he takes the lead in planning. If it's me with the girls or friends, I'm the one doing the hours and hours. That's why I know what goes in to it and appreciate what he does!

That's it for my "few things" post today!


  1. Don't you mean Mary spends hours and hours planning!

    1. No, Mary only did a rough outline of our trip this time. We always tell her what we want to do and she will make reservations. But this time, Butch did all the fine tuning and reservations. I do it for New York and I know it takes hours!!

  2. Ireland will be warm and green and wonderful, I have Ireland envy.

  3. Bombay Sapphire is our go-to gin as well. I didn't think there was much difference from one brand to another until I tasted this one. Of course, I have since been educated in bourbons and wines, so I am developing a better sense of taste. Can't say that I have ever had any that tasted of roses (which are my favorite scent note for perfumes).


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