Friday, April 27, 2018

Ireland Part 2

The week is passing rapidly. Still no time to blog. More photos.
 We love smaller, boutique hotels. Randles Hotel in Killarney.
Beautiful view from our room. We were a 5 minute walk from town.
 Horse and carriage ride---thatched house.
 This is what happens when you drink too much Guiness!
 The mussels have been delicious. We haven't encountered cockles yet.
 The mosaic floors---everywhere---this one is from an ancient church.
 This is the entrance to Ryan's Pub.
 Incredible Catholic churches.
 We even had a leprechaun for a bus driver!
Blowing the crystal at Waterford.
Beautiful table setting at Waterford.
 Lots of this happening! Not me. Not a beer lover. However, I've had hot chocolate with Baileys just about everywhere. It's not on the menu, but they are more than willing to make it for me! REAL! Not powdered.
 Another gorgeous church.
We love private guides and drivers. It's the only way to go. In fact, after this trip, we've decided, we're done with bus tours. Private drivers take you to little known, out-of-the way spots. This is a shrine to St. Bridget. People have been visiting here for years and drop off prayers and other items for the well being of loved ones.
 Our driver Brendan, made Stephanie and Nicky a cross made out of bull rushes. He had them dip it in to the blessed water of the shrine to protect them and their home. I guess Butch and I will just have to wing it. He didn't really offer to make us one!
 It's been cold. And when I say cold, I mean COLD!! And windy. Each day, it's only 51, but with the wind, it's really COLD. Still, we're very lucky to have had mostly sunshine.
 Cliffs of Moher. Beautiful.
 Another view. This is the Ireland I expected---green grass to the sea!
 Medieval castle in the background. I can't remember the name.
 Sorry for this sloppy picture. I had to snap it---the BEST bread (and butter) pudding EVER!!! The raisins are just sprinkled on top, so they were easy to remove. I was mad as to how fast everyone scarfed this down that we had to order another! Bread and butter pudding is on just about every menu, but this one was by far the best. Butch has promised to take me back on Saturday night before we leave on Sunday!!
 Typical Irish weather---sun on one side with a dark rain cloud on the other!
This was probably my most favorite thing. I had no idea how sheep are herded by the dogs. Two border collies here---they can handle 300 sheep!! The shepherd doesn't have to leave his back yard. He sends the dogs all the way up the mountain to get the sheep. They did it twice while we watched---they manage to get them pretty fast.
Another beautiful floor.

We were supposed to have another bus tour today, but we decided not to do it---even though we'd already paid. No more bus tours!! We had a delightful day browsing around Galway. I had a "pink" gin and tonic! Strawberry flavored---so good!

Tomorrow we head back to Dublin. Stephanie and I have a "tea tour" while the guys do the Jameson distillery tour.

It's almost over.....too fast!


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time - thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful land.
    Bread pudding....yummmm...minus the raisins ;)


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