Monday, June 10, 2013

Weather Maps Confuse Me

There, I've said it out loud---to which Butch replied, "Really?" He then started to explain the different colors to me. Come on, shouldn't there be a key at the bottom to tell you what all the different colors mean. Then, the colors move, swirl and change. What the heck is that supposed to mean.

How in the heck are you supposed to interpret this? I guess the solid brown means there's no weather happening there. I would think that all the white means snow but then, this is June. I seriously doubt there's any snow happening---well, maybe up there in Canada. I don't think I'm alone in this. Do most people understand weather maps? I don't think so.

As it turns out, our weathermen don't know either. They are wrong. A. Lot.

This is what works best for me:
Right on my desktop. Clear and simple. That is how reports should be---easy to understand. This shows the current temperature along with the weather each day, plus the high and low. Perfect. Another thing, I like knowing what's going on with the weather in other cities. When I'm traveling, I'll put that weather up too. Just what I need to know so I can dress appropriately.

How do you like your weather?


  1. How do I like my weather? Warmer than this :( Sitting in jeans and a hoodie rather than shorts and a t-shirt :sigh:

    White is cloud cover - we get a lot of that here ;)

  2. Warm and sunny, not sitting here in a cardigan! Yes I recognise those white swirls as cloud cover ;)

  3. Oh I like my weather just like you like it. It's a great talking point over here too! I have to have it in celcius though!

    1. Actually, I do have the option of choosing celcius, but since I wouldn't know what that means, I'll just leave it in farenheit! Apparently, I am the only one that didn't know the white stuff is clouds!

  4. I like my weather middlin' ... not too hot, not too cold :-) I love weather maps but if you like your weather to be practical you should download the updated Yahoo Weather app for your iPhone. I love it. It is a beautiful and easy to follow app. I also love the pictures that sit behind the info, and I like knowing when sunrise and sunset it. You swipe left and right for any additional places you add. I keep my track of my home and anywhere someone I love happens to be. Might be worth you checking out.


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