Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Outside my window: Our turkeys are back!! I looked out the window at 6:10 a.m. and saw 2 adults---quite a few less than previously. Then, suddenly, one stood up and two little puff balls scurried out! They were so cute---baby turkeys---about the size of a softball. Too bad, I can't get good  pictures through the window.

I am thinking: of the things I need to do to get ready for vacation.

I am thankful for: family visits.

From the kitchen: After the Lapps family leaves this morning, I'm DONE in the kitchen! I don't plan to cook again until Friday.

I am wearing: Capris and a Nashville t-shirt.

I am hoping: to do a little stitching today before our class this afternoon.

I am reading: I'm mid-way through American Pickers and Proof of Heaven. Both are very good in completely different ways.

I am busy creating: Since I've been busy with family, I haven't created anything lately---unless you count helping Elizabeth make letters on the Cricut for their "cook-off challenge" dinner plans. I am planning on getting my handout finished today for AYM.

I'm bummed: that it's a rainy day. I'll be worrying about Sandy driving home.

I am hearing: ABC news.

Around the house and garden: time to start gathering stuff to take on our vacation. I have a list going, but there's a lot to do.  Also, our magnolias are in bloom. They are magnificent!

These blooms are about 12" across. Unfortunately, these trees are about 25 ft. tall and most of the blooms are at the top where they get the most sun.

In other news: Our vacation is less than two weeks away. I'm making lists and gathering "stuff" to take with us. It will be a lot. It always is.

One of my favorite things right now: floating in the pool on a sunny day. That's only happened about 5 times so far.

I appreciate: a family that gets along and pitches in.
Butch spends a lot of time helping with clean-up when the family is here.

I remember: what summer used to be like as a kid---those evenings playing outside into the dark, catching lightening bugs and swatting mosquitoes (that part wasn't fun).

I forget: how much fun playing "fan tan" for pennies can be. There's not much else you can do with pennies. In fact, "fan tan" is the only game you will ever play that you hope you lose---just so you don't have to take all of those pennies. Luckily, little kids like to win them.

I regret: that we didn't have a fire in the fire pit. The days just zoomed by and then I was just too tired.

How the weekend is shaping up: It's early in the week, but still we already have plans. We're having friends over for happy hour, dinner and then poker. I also would like to do a little work in my scrapbook room.

And just for fun: From the time Mindy was about 10, she loved to wear fake glasses. She's still doing it. She thinks they make her look smart. You be the judge.


  1. No idea what fan tan is and hoping for enlightenment! Your magnolias are magnificent ... A lovely glimpse of lots of aspects of your life right now :).

  2. Of course cutting ANYTHING on the Cricut counts for creativity! My creativity for the week consists of helping/encouraging my nieces to cut the pictures out of the Barbie catalog, which I then made into finger puppets so they could put on a "show" for us! :>) Hugely successful!

  3. Isn't it fun getting to use our tools to help other people? Magnolias are always pretty - you'll need to build a tree house to enjoy them up close ;)

  4. Isn't funny how we all want something we don't have. My daughter wants glasses because all her friends have them. I have been trying to get rid of mine since I was a kid! LOL Just like curly and straight hair.


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