Saturday, June 29, 2013


Outside my window: It's 4:00 a.m. and still dark.

I am thinking: How to keep Butch from stroking out when he sees the gigantic suitcases ALL the kids brought for our trip.

I am thankful for: Family vacations.

From the kitchen: Food packed, check. Brownies made, check. Clothes packed, check. Miscellaneous for the "cook-off," check. Cooler packed, check. Now how in the heck are we going to fit all of this stuff in the car?
We still have beach chairs, cases of water and soda. I'm tired. The suitcases are piled up in the entry.

I am wearing: Dressed for the road---comfortable and casual.

I am hoping: That we can get the early start we have planned. Getting everyone up at 5 a.m. Hoping to be out by 5:30. It's unlikely.

I am reading: After Visiting Friends for book club---excellent so far. A boy loses his father at a young age. The family never talks about him. He's grown now and wants to know how his dad died. They say heart attack, but no one will discuss the circumstances. In a nutshell. It's really good.

I am busy creating: I've actually accomplished a lot this week. I woke up yesterday at 2 a.m. Having a little trouble sleeping lately because we are keeping the darn thermostat up on 78---fine for day, but not so good at night. I'm always hot at night. Anyway, I did like having those extra hours. I put August kits together ---3.5 hours; Laid out my AYM layout and printed photos and packed for our trip---all by 10:00 a.m!

I'm bummed: Because it's starting to look like our vacation may be too busy. We'll see. So much to do and see. This might be the only time we go to this area, so we feel compelled to "do it all." 

I am hearing: The humming of the aquarium.

Around the house and garden: So much wildlife---besides the turkeys and their babies and our little "miracle" turtle, the bunnies are running rampant and even a couple of deer have been through.

In other news: We have a fun family announcement to make on our trip. Stay tuned....

One of my favorite things right now: Playing "Dice with Buddies" and "Phrases with Friends" on my iPhone. I have several games going with family and friends. I'm playing "Draw Something" with Elizabeth, but I'm bad at drawing.

I appreciate: A husband that is so helpful around the house---even when I get aggravated when I don't think he's helping enough!! Believe me, he does his share!

I remember: How I had to wear masking tape with blue stripes over my mouth in the 6th grade for talking. Sister Richard Maureen had me stand in the hallway all afternoon, thereby having to undergo the humiliation of the entire school filing by at dismissal. She forgot about me. I'm writing that story for a scrapbook page I'm doing.

I forget: I hope I haven't forgotten anything important for our trip.

I regret: That I didn't get a big organizing job done before our vacation. I always like to feel like I've accomplished something "big." I did sort a lot of paper in my scrapbook room, so I guess that counts.

How the weekend is shaping up: It's going to be a lot of crazy fun. But these girls have way over packed---an outfit for every day. Huh? It's the beach! 2 swim suits, cover up, 2 around the house outfits, 2 underwear, 1 night gown, 1 sight seeing outfit, 1 good outfit. cosmetic bag, make-up, 1 good pair of sandals, book light, curling iron. That's how I roll! We have a washer/dryer in the house. Need I say more?

 Compared to this:
And this "ain't" all of it. These suitcases are HUGE!!!

Wish us luck. Only 10 1/2 hours...


  1. Have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear about the results of the cook off!

  2. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Very intrigued about fun family announcement happy cooking to you all. Packing is so hard that's the whole fun part bringing way too much and then wearing same thing....

  4. going to boarding school convinced me to pack light. Not sure Princess has mastered it for Uni though. We'll be packing for our holiday soon too.


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