Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If a 10 Yr. Old Could Drive...

This would be her car. Instead, it belongs to an 18 year old graduate heading off to college. We had to take Jordan's car in for some repair work. I had to snap these shots. The girl LOVES animals and always has. We believe she needs to do some sort of animal studies program at UT. So far, she doesn't want to listen to us. But, all you have to do is take a look at her car to see that we are right!
 The sock monkey is actually a Christmas ornament that I gave the kids about 2 years ago.
 The voodoo doll came from Mindy.
 See Gumbi at the top? And the fish? We could play "eye spy" in her car for sure. Then you have a little Pokemon animal dangling. I think that's Pikatu (sp).
 What better pet to have hanging from your visor than a dog.
 Here she has a little porcupine and a frog. Where in the heck does she get all of these little things>
 Another Pokemon figure.
And lastly, a little fish. If you push the blue button, his little pink fins flap. I didn't ask her, but I'll bet that each one has a name.

You would think that she didn't have any pets, so has to have all these fake critters to fill that need. But, she has a cat, fish, a bird and assorted other rodents. I think she even has a snake. I do know that her chameleon died---because it couldn't lay its egg. She was really broken up over that. The truth of it is that she's the type that likes animals better than people! No lie!


  1. That is definitely an 'eye spy' car!!! LOL LOVE IT!

  2. What a great way to show her personality..there's a layout in this for sure

  3. what a fun car - my kids could tell you which Pokemon was which. The only one I'm positive about is Pikachu which is the yellow one on the dash :)


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