Friday, June 14, 2013

Too Good to be True?

The answer is---absolutely---YES!!! Except for maybe the first time---it really is TRUE!
 I bought this Teresa Collins kit from Peachy Cheap. Each day, they send a "deal" to your email  in-box. The price is always amazing. This one was $19.99. I got two of all the papers you see (in the back row---double sided)
plus: banners, chipboard stickers, regular stickers, buttons, paper flowers, brads, rhinestones fibers AND a stamp set. And the colors----so luscious (that reminds me of this: when we were at the Steeplechase race this year, after I asked Morgan if her eyelashes were fake and she replied, "no"---her boyfriend, Will said "aren't they luscious?" It was so cute---just like this kit). The best part of kits like this---no thinking---just add pictures! 

Anyway, if you want some really cheap scrapbook supplies, then you need to check out Peachy Cheap. All you have to do is scroll down to the email sign-up box on the right to start getting your "deals." 

Another place I like is Crafty Steals. They also send an email every day with some sort of special deal---always at least half price from retail. Their email sign up is all the way at the bottom.

Here's one last place that has good deals on scrapbook supplies (and other stuff) Scrapbook Steals.

Doesn't everybody like a good crafty "deal?" Especially now, since most of our scrapbook stores have closed.


  1. The colours are stunning. Just right for this time of year

  2. wow..that's a lot of lovilness! and it will keep you busy for a while. We need something like PeachyCheap here in the UK x

  3. That was a fab deal! Teresa Collins lines are always a little different and definitely luscious!

  4. Lovely fresh colours and I am looking forward to seeing this pop up on your pages! Sorry to hear suit the closure of the stores - this happens here too ...


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