Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sandy's Birthday

I just wanted to give a "shout-out" to Sandy as it's her birthday today. She is so precious to me. I can't wait until they come back to Nashville next week!
 And look what she got for her birthday!! Definitely better than her 9 year old van with 150+K miles on it!! She loves it already. Everyone's fighting over who gets to drive it.
You know how much I have not loved my car? I think it's a beautiful car with great features---but it's just too big. I was afraid of it for the entire first year. I'm not anymore, but I've always loved Jeeps. I've had three already. I just might be getting a new one sooner than I thought. Sandy says I can drive hers when she gets here. There are so many new features, I might not be able to resist.


  1. What a radiant smile she has :)

  2. Ok haven't a clue what I'm doing I've never blogged before... Well none that's worked:-)
    I'm sure you can't wait to have everyone together. As for the jeep I had a wee bettle until we moved to the country and then we needed a four wheel. My god I still feel especially when I have to reverse that I'm driving a bus

  3. I have driven a big vehicle for such a long time now that when I get into a little car I feel so small and insecure! But a small car with less miles per gallon would be a bonus right now so I think we shall be getting a smallish car next time. But it still has to be big enough to seat 5 adults!

  4. Ooooh a Jeeeeeeeeep! We had a Jeep and we adored it. I would have one again in a heartbeat. I always felt totally safe in it and in the snow it was just fabulous for viriting my cousin who lives on the top of a hill



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