Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Not Forget...

RIP Michael Jackson. In memory of him, I'm posting a layout I did back in 2009 along with the journaling.

 I LOVED Michael Jackson! There, I've said it. I've loved him for a long time. I refuse to believe all the horrible stuff that's been reported about him being a perverted child molester. My opinion is and has always been that he was stunted in his growth and remained a little boy inside---naive and innocent---and at times---just plain stupid. He should have learned his lesson about having young boys over. But isn't that typical of a little boy---lack of judgement.

There's a book coming out soon that was already in the works. I'll definitely be buying it. The author has stated that he started the book project trying to get to the real dirt of the child molestation allegations. No matter how hard he "dug", he came up empty-handed. I'm glad. Now that he's gone, perhaps he'll be remembered for the genius that he was. True, he was definitely eccentric. But aren't most geniuses? Granted, he looked like a freak at the end and for a long time before. But, boy, he could still sing and dance. I can't wait for the album that was to be his return to come out. I'll be one of the first to buy it.

There's no doubt that he loved his kids. I hope that they don't get lost in the very world that Michael tried to protect them from.

I love you Michael---and I'll miss you! I just had to say it out loud!

Michael died on June 25, 2009.
The world mourns the loss of this
gentle, generous and talented man.

“…he had it all: talent, grace,
professionalism and dedication.
He was the consummate entertainer
and his contributions and legacy
will be felt upon the world forever.”

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  1. What a nice memorial. I enjoyed his songs as a teenager.


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