Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What I Buy Wednesdays

Well, I've been pretty busy since we got home on Saturday night. And I'm leaving today for a scrapbooking/golf weekend. We girls scrapbook while the guys play golf. Actually it's getting harder and harder to do this--even if it's only once a year! Where we go is out in the country with no internet access and barely any cell reception. Add to the fact that my phone needs to be replaced, I won't be able to get any emails. It's really hard for me to be completely off the grid. I get a little uptight when I cannot get or make calls or texts. I always worry that somebody might need to get a hold of me. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe when I do get a new phone, it will be better. 

I didn't have time to prepare any blog posts. But I can at least get this one done!

While on our trip last week, I didn't buy much.
I added two new Starbucks mugs to my collection. And I got some stamps for my National Parks Passport. That's it. 

We did some shopping, but I mostly stayed out of the stores. I'm too much of an impulse buyer. I saw some really cute jewelry, but I don't need anything, so I resisted. 

Have you bought anything interesting this week?

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  1. Those are some fun goodies.
    We are on lockdown/stay at home order so haven't traveled anyone for over a year now.


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