Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Few Things

I'm trying to slip in a post before heading to the beach on Wednesday. My brother, Matt and sil, Sharon will already be there. This will be the first time we've gone together. We're looking forward to it. Butch has some fishing planned for Matt and him

I'm getting a pedicure as soon as I arrive. A couple months ago, I discovered Wilson. He gives the second best pedicure I've ever had. The first best I only got once. It was just my luck that when I found him (through my friend, Nancy E.--thanks Nancy!) he was getting ready to switch careers. He gave the kind of pedicure that made you want a cigarette afterwards--if you know what I mean!!!

Okay, on to it.

1. I love learning things. Yesterday, I learned something new from my eye doctor. I don't even know what we were talking about that lead to this bit of knowledge. He asked if I knew which city had the MOST fountains in the world. No, I didn't. It was Florence, Italy. Then he blew my mind with which city has the second most fountains in the world. You'll never guess. Kansas City, Missouri!! OMGosh! We lived there for 4 years and we never knew that. There is an area called Fountain Square--so that should have been a tip-off. Anyway, now I want to go back and visit through new eyes. Who knew? KC--the second most fountains in the world! I guess it's true, being second is forgotten.

2. All my life I've heard that you are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day--64 oz. But, I never knew why. Now I do. Did you know that you lose 96 oz. of water a day? We lose 2 cups through perspiration, two to four cups just breathing, four cups through urinating and most surprising of all--one cup through the soles of our feet!! Our feet! The numbers were a huge surprise to me. But the feet!?! I never knew that. That adds up to 11 cups or 88 oz. So, you need those 64 oz. of extra water. The rest comes from the food we eat. Now it makes sense and somehow motivates me to drink that water!

3. Another healthy thing I've learned recently: we should all be eating at least one serving of fish a week. If you do, it will reduce your risk of heart attack by 4.4%. Now I have no idea how people  come up with these statistics, but I read it in a health book. So, it must be true, right? I'm doin' it! If I never have a heart attack, then we'll know why! 

4. Have you noticed some of the new Netflix warnings? Actually, I don't know if it's new, I just recently noticed. I was aware of the normal ones: violence, nudity, language. But suddenly, I saw smoking on there. Holy smokes (no pun intended--or maybe so)! Now smoking is considered sooo bad that parents are warned of it before they let their kids watch any programs. If that's the case, then I think they should add  alcohol consumption! That's not so good either. 

5. Now this one is very close to my heart. You already know that I am a tea lover--and a purist at that. No tea bags for me (unless I'm traveling. And even then, I make my own! Thanks, Steph for my Sip subscription that introduced me to "fill your own tea bags." Well, because of Covid, my favorite tea room in London---Fortnum and Mason---has been closed. Still, I'm on their email list and they send out little fun ideas now and then about having your own tea. I already knew how to brew a perfect "cuppa" (look at me--sounding all British!), but I did not know this. Scone is NOT pronounced like stone. It's pronounced like gone!" I'm such an "all things tea" snob, that this goes to show that I still have a lot to learn. All I know is that when I'm feeling "peckish," I turn to afternoon tea! Picture me with my nose and pinkie in the air!


  1. Pleased to hear that you've discovered the correct pronunciation of scone - now, the next big scone controversy is which do you add first, jam before cream or cream before jam? This is serious business!

  2. You had me giggling at your post today.
    I love that everyday we learn something new!


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