Sunday, April 25, 2021

Someone Special for Sunday

So yesterday was this one's birthday! 
That's. me on the left with my sweet little cousin, Chrissy. She's a year younger than me. Of course we saw each other all the time at so many family gatherings of our very large Italian family. But it wasn't until we were teenagers that we became inseparable. We spent every weekend together--either at my house or hers. If we went to her house, we usually babysat for her sister, Judy. We did that in exchange for rides to whatever "teen town" Bob Kuban was playing. When we were babysitting, Judy only lived a couple blocks from Steak n' Shake. Late at night, I was the one that had to run down and get us food. Chrissy would watch me from the front door. Honestly, that was crazy. I can't believe we did that!! 

I loved going to her house because her mom was an amazing cook. Aunt Jo liked it when I was there because I was such a "good eater!" Every good cook appreciates a good eater! Her Swiss steak was the BEST! Hmmm, I need to find out if Chrissy or Judy has that recipe! Oh, and they had great snacks! I could always count on Hydrox cookies along with a banana and milk. Or Cheez Its---they always had Cheez Its. And soda. We didn't get soda at my house.

At my house, snacks were few and far between. Mom bought snacks, but we kids ate them all up the day she shopped! There were so many of us that a pack of cookies was gone in seconds! Really! Same with pickles and chips---just about everything was gone in no time. 

If Chrissy came to my house for the weekend, it wasn't nearly as much fun for me. I think she liked it because of all the hustle and bustle going on with my six younger siblings. I did like the fact that she cleaned my room. To say I was a mess back then is an understatement!! Secretly, I think she liked all that cleaning!

Every Saturday morning started with us dancing to American Bandstand. We danced constantly and taught ourselves the latest dances. We had boyfriends who were friends. We even started smoking together as a joke when one of the guys left their cigarettes behind after a date. We thought it would be funny to smoke them all before they came over the next day. I never said we were smart!!

We had some great teen years together. Our friendship has continued all of these years. I look forward to seeing her whenever I can get to St. Louis. I always make sure to carve out plenty of time for just the two of us. She still likes hanging with my siblings and is happy to "tag-a-long" or chauffeur me as needed. I love her! And can't wait to see her whenever I can get home. Soon, I hope!
I'm not sure how long ago this picture was taken. She's the cute one on the right!

Happy birthday, girlie! You're really getting up there!!

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