Saturday, April 10, 2021

Some Things for Saturday

We had no idea that New Mexico and Arizona were so windy! I thought Chicago was the "Windy City" and I totally agree with that. But NM and AZ are definitely close seconds.

Several firsts for me!!
First time hiking to the top of a volcano. It was kind of hard for me. I had to stop and rest several times. Then somebody said something about the altitude. Yeah, no wonder I was breathing so hard!
Standing on the corner....just one more cool thing along Route 66.
The Petrified Forest.
My first time (and probably last time) hiking in a desert! I'm just glad it was such nice, moderate weather. I cannot imagine doing this in the summer. I was sweating a lot and it was cool! It was a lot of fun and I'm happy to be able to say I hiked in a desert!!
The painted desert was really neat too. We didn't hike here, just drove the national park road with stops along the way. It's so unusual---the colors changed along the way. 

The whole trip has been really fun. I'm happy to have logged so many firsts. At 69, that's hard to do!!

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  1. You're obviously having a great trip trying lots of new things! Sounds like you've picked the perfect time of year for it with the weather conditions.


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