Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Couple Interesting Things

This is a beautiful time to be at the beach. We're having a good time with my bother, Matt and sil, Sharon. We rarely have any one on one time with them. When we are in St. Louis, it's always a crowd. 

While out walking, I went in to this old, historic cemetery from 1914. I was pretty surprised that there appear to be no rules. Here's what I mean:

It all seems pretty tacky to me. I guess the biggest thing is that I do not like artificial flowers. Also, since there isn't any grass to maintain, maybe no does anything here. I'm really not crazy about the astroturf. That does not look like grass in any way shape or form! Oh well, to each his own. I'm used to a serene place full of nature and beauty. I do like that there are a lot of benches if you'd like to take a seat and reflect. Still, it's a nice little place to take a detour on my walk.

Since we're talking about a final resting place, I thought this was pretty good:
Actually, I think this is good for a chuckle! We are a family of game players. Somehow I don't think our gang would go for it!

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