Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Few Things

1. Just to set the record straight---turns out, it was Sandy and Greg who left the sirachi sauce---it was Mindy and Justin. She says he puts it on everything! That mystery is solved.

2. As baseball season begins, this is pretty good advice.

3. A little morbid, but an interesting idea!

4. Did you know: 
Broadway sells more tickets than ALL cities pro sports teams combined! Now that's a lot of tickets!! 

5. I think this is pretty clever. 


  1. I love the baseball board! I remember standing on the touchline of my son's football matches when he was a teenager and being amazed at the attitude of some of the other parents, they were definitely not setting a good example!

  2. Ewww on that game night idea. And common sense like that baseball sign shouldn't need to be posted, but it does.


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