Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday Mystery

When we got to the beach last week, I found this in the refrigerator:
Apparently, Sandy had left this after their week at the beach. 

Here's the back story: I've had recipes that call for a tablespoon or two now and then--not very often--maybe twice. Butch was opposed to having to buy a big bottle for that small amount. They don't sell small amounts. I knew that Sandy used it, so I asked her how long I could keep it. She said that she didn't really know because they went through it so fast! Now that blew my mind. It's really hot! Now, I can't handle very hot things. 

Anyway, after using it, we gave it away to Stephanie and Nicky. I guess we're the only ones who don't use it.

But the mystery here to me is: how can ONE person use this much sriracha sauce in a single week? And on what? I'm making a presumption here that Sandy, Elizabeth and her friend would not use it. 

That's a lot of hot sauce. I just don't get it. Definitely a mystery. I guess I'll have to ask Sandy about that!

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  1. Justin puts sriracha on EVERYTHING (not an exaggeration). he’s even a sriracha snob— he likes the kind with the green cap that’s in the international aisle and was bummed out when we had to get the Kroger-brand! 😆


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