Sunday, March 22, 2020

What We're Doing

As it turns out, my life hasn't really changed all that much. I'm a social person, so pretty much everything is the same, minus my friends and family!

I am a creature of routine. That works for me, so I'm keeping it up with a few modifications. 

I do not get bored. In fact, I told Butch, that even though I have all the time in the world, I still feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do! That's crazy and doesn't make sense, but it's true.

I'm walking and talking. Everyone knows that I am not a phone person. I've always felt like it was a major time waster. I'd rather sit down with you and have a cup of tea than hang on the phone. Now that I have all this time, I decided to make a list and call one person a day while walking the neighborhood. So there's that.

The ornamental cherry trees are in bloom in the neighborhood and gorgeous. It's a good time to get outside and walk. We've had a lot of rain, but I've still managed to get out every day---only once on the treadmill.

I'm having to clean the house, but my abbreviated version only takes an hour on Monday. Probably after a month, I'll need to dust the rest of the house that we don't really use much. 

I'm still watching movies and stitching. I'm also watching a lot of Datelines! I'm reading a lot. I haven't really cleaned any closets out yet. With the exception of Mindy's closet, which is stuffed with wedding gifts from 3 years ago, most of our closets are pretty neat. I just know I could get rid of a lot more stuff. I can't seem to get motivated for that.

I've done a little scrapbooking  and caught up on a lot of blog reading. I still probably have about 50 things on my computer reading list. I've also kept up with my own blog. That takes a lot longer than you might think.

On St. Patrick's Day, Butch celebrated with an Irish Whiskey.

I opted for Bailey's and hot chocolate in my Starbucks mug from Dublin. Yuuummmm! My favorite guilty pleasure.

 Since I've been doing a lot of cooking, I put together a "care package" for Mitchell. 
He's been sick. We don't know if it's the caronavirus but it sounds like it. Because he's young and healthy, the doctor didn't want him to come in to the office. He just told him to stay home for a full week. We brought him a thermometer, sloppy joes, chicken piccata, strawberry shortcake and soup. 
When I talked to him, day 4 at home, he said he's bored sick!! Then I told him how I never get bored and, in fact, felt like I still did not have enough time to do everything I want to do. He asked me what all I was doing. I told him. I'm sure it sounds pretty trite to a guy, but it's my life and it's pretty fun.

On Thursday, we finally got some sun in the afternoon. Butch and I went over to Deerwood Arboretum which is right behind our neighborhood.
 There's a one mile loop along The Little Harpeth River. So pretty. Temperatures reached 80, so it was perfect.

Butch has an eagle eye. He spotted a geo-cache sitting out in the open. Turns out, the river had risen and it floated away from it's original location. It was a muddy mess. Butch cleaned it up and we're going to take it back today and put it where it belongs. 
At the entrance to the park is this little lending library. I just love it when we come across these. They are so cute. I need to carry books with me to add. 
 I love all the little wildflowers in bloom.
 The river is so pretty too. We're going to do a little fishing once all this rain quits.

We decided to do a puzzle on Friday afternoon---happy hour, but a little too early to get the "kids" on FaceTime. 
This was the only one we could find! Strawberry Shortcake circa 1980. It turned out that there were two puzzles in the box.

 Or rather, two partial puzzles! I ordered a couple from Amazon that will be delivered this week. 

After the puzzle making, we Facetimed with all of the girls. We started with Sandy. Greg, who works for Google said that he can fix it so that we can all be on at the same time. He's going to get that figured out for us by next Friday happy hour. 

Anyway, that was so much fun! With FaceTime, it really is like we're together. Basically, by the time we finished with all 3 girls (and families), we spent two hours! 

I decided to make cookies for Morgan (our little nurse) to take to the hospital. That's a story in itself. I'll save that for tomorrow! It's a doozie!!

Besides all of that this week, I've figured out a way (thanks Stephanie) for my AYM (A Year of Memories) group to hang out. I'm going to plan some scrapbook layout for us to do together. 

And, I have another idea to have lunch with my friends via FaceTime!

I'm always thinking! And when I do, I realize, we are pretty darn fortunate to have so much available to us. Staying in is really no hardship at all. We have the internet, all the music we could want, a zillion movies and tv shows and a way to still spend time with our family. I'm so very grateful!

We have nothing to complain about! 

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  1. It's interesting to see how everyone is coping with all this enforced time at home. Apart from starting a decorating project in our bedroom, at the moment we are just doing the normal dog walking, food shopping, housework etc during the day. The thing we are missing is evenings out with friends and Paul has had to stop his badminton (with a visit to the pub afterwards) and I'm missing my Zumba class but the teacher is looking into being able to do a class online using Facebook. If she can't I will just have to put some music on loud and dance around the living room on my own!


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