Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Continuing Saga of the Elusive Toilet Paper

The shelves of toilet paper are empty in the grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Sam's and Costco. I guess just about everywhere. The jokes abound. I actually posted a few on Friday Funnies. Still, they continue and most are pretty funny.

Here are a few more and then I'll tell you my toilet paper story.

The run on toilet paper has been crazy. I kept hearing so much about it, that I figured I better check my own supply. I went to the card table closet where I keep the extra rolls. Now mind you, I have at least 2 or 3 rolls in each of our 6 bathrooms. So, I was pretty sure I was in good shape. Still, I needed to make sure. I opened the door to this:
I may have mentioned once or twice about my multiples problem. Apparently, I've been stockpiling toilet paper without even realizing I needed to. And Kleenex!
Currently, I am holding 72 rolls---or 210 depending on how you want to look at it. I've got my family covered. I might even have enough to sell if times get tough!

Honestly, all this means is that I didn't remember that I already bought a supply from Sam's. And even with two big packs, I didn't remember and had to check, yet again! Now we're getting to the root of my multiples problem. Looks like it's more of a memory problem. Hmmm, I think when I visit friends I'll bring a roll as a hostess gift! I'll bet they'll be thrilled!

But one thing's for sure, I should never have to use my "decorative" roll!
Believe it or not, Victoria actually used it one time. I told her it's like decorative towels. They are not to be touched!!

So, how is your toilet paper supply? Fess up. Did you run out and buy some?

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  1. So now we know where it has all gone ;-)
    I haven't bought any extra, I usually buy a pack of 16 and that's how many I have in store at the moment.


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