Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Mystery

It's a mystery to me as to why everyone loves their KitchenAid mixers. I certainly don't love mine---yet!

I got it for Christmas. I asked for it. I wanted the smaller version to take up less space. I wasn't really sure I needed it, because I don't bake that much. I was happy to get it. I've used it exactly twice.

The first time,  I made a cheese ball. At the time, all I could think of was, "this big contraption and all this clean up for a little cheese ball!" I wasn't sure it was worth the hassle.

On Saturday, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies so Morgan could take them to the hospital. I was all excited to use my still "new" mixer. Then this happened.
 As I was putting the flour in, it puffed all over the place---including the floor. What a mess! Then I looked inside.
 The the beater thing was all glopped up. It was a sticky, goopy mess. So then, I was trying to get it off so I could try to scoop the cookie dough out. I knew that I needed to turn it so that the locking thing lined up. I could not get it to turn. I tried turning to the right and then the left. It wouldn't budge. I decided to call Mindy. I knew she's get a kick out of me asking her for cooking advice! I told her my problem and she couldn't figure out the problem either. Now I had no choice but to get out the book.
 By this time, Butch was trying to help. I read the book and complained that it had nothing about getting the beater out of the contraption. Then, I said "wait!" I re-read what it said about putting the beater "in"---the part about pushing "up"! As I turned to tell Butch to do that, he was gone!
 He had already figured it out. I texted Mindy. She responded, "I thought you knew that!" Apparently, it was just a flook that I even got the beater in and locked. I didn't realize I had pushed up. Of course, I had the biggest mess to clean up. I pretty much had it done by the time the cookies were baked.
"Alls well that ends well." Now there's an old saying.

So, once more, I thought using my KitchenAid was nothing but a big hassle. I'll keep using it until I "get it." But for now, it remains a mystery as to why so many people love it. And most of them have the big one!

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  1. Stick with it! I have a different make but very similar machine, a K Mix, and for cakes and biscuits I have a different attachment, the one you are using is the same as the one I use for whisking egg whites to meringue texture or whipping cream. For cakes mine is like a rubber edged blade but I think your make would be a 'flat beater'
    Don't give up - you WILL learn to love it!


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