Monday, March 16, 2020

Monday Mystery

It's been awhile since I did a Monday Mystery post. I'm thinking of changing it to "This Can't Be Happening!"

More dealings with the DMV! You just can't make this stuff up!!

A week ago, I tried to renew the license plate on the '59 Corvette. I don't really know what you call that. Some people say "car tags," but I never have. Just doesn't sound right. Anyhoo, I usually do it online---or have for many years. Since the car is classic, it does not require a Marta inspection.
Usually, it's a pretty simple process. A few clicks, enter payment, done.

And now the mystery begins.

A couple days later, I got an email saying that my online renewal had been rejected. What???? The reason was that the license plate on the Corvette had been reported as lost or stolen. WTF???  I was very confused. The only people who would have reported it lost or stolen would have been us. The only way if could be lost or stolen was if the car itself was lost or stolen. Considering it resides in our garage 90% of the time, I thought that was unlikely.

Still, I was second guessing myself. I had Butch go out and check to see that the car was indeed, still in the garage, that the license plate was there and matched the number I was trying to renew. Why didn't I do it---you ask?? No, it wasn't because I was lazy. Duh, I was already dialing the DMV! Already I wasn't happy before I even got through.

Lo and behold, I actually got a person without a long wait. I explained the situation. The woman said, "well, let me see here." She came back and asked all the questions, the VIN number and plate number, etc. I had the renewal reminder in front of me. Yep, she told me that the plate had been reported lost or stolen. She then said that she didn't know what happened, but that there was nothing she could do about it. I would have to come in----OMGosh! Just the thought of having to go into the DMV and wait for hours was absolutely out of the question! OUT! OF! THE! QUESTION! No way! Not happening! Never! Well, unless I could kill two birds with one stone. But then, I still do not have my social security card. So, "NO" not happenin'!

I asked if there was anything else I could do. She said we can get the state on the phone, but unfortunately, the "state" was closed. What?  What did that even mean? The entire state of Tennessee was closed! I had a vision of road blocks set up at every entry point. And then, possibly a wall! And even if the state wasn't closed, how do you get it on the phone!

I said, "Okay you're telling me that you will call the state when it re-opens?" She said, "No, you'll have to do it. I have no idea when the state will re-open. You could try Monday."

I didn't call back last Monday. I probably won't call today. After all, with the Coronavirus, I'm pretty sure the state is still closed. Plus, I'm going to have to call the DMV back to find out WHERE in the STATE I'm supposed to call. Surely they would have the number. Maybe all I need to do is an internet search for the phone number for the state of Tennessee!

Side note--I decided to see what would come up if I did that search---"what is the phone number for the state of Tennessee?" The phone number for Tenn Care popped up (that's our welfare system). And all the area codes popped up. Neither of those would help me. I'll have to call the DMV back. Darn.

Dealing with the government is never fun. And that reminds me. I needed to renew my passport.
Why in the heck does it have an expiration date on it when in actuality, it expires six months before that date. It's a test to count backwards six months to the actual expiration date! Unfortunately, I had two trips planned that would require my passport leading up to the expiration date printed on the passport. So, I knew I needed to get "on" it.

I thought I could just do it online. Nope. I needed to get the passport photo taken. Off to Walgreens. It took about 5 minutes. Then the gal told me that it would take 20 minutes to print. Are you kidding me? When I have a hundred pictures printed, it takes less than that. I didn't wait. I'm becoming more and more impatient with my age---I guess. There's a little more to it than that.

You may recall that I've mentioned living my life on a timeline. Before I leave the house, I figure out all I have to do. I start with an appointment. In this case, I was meeting my friends to stitch at 10 a.m. Then I back up from there with my errands to figure out what time I need to leave. I only allotted 15 minutes for the Walgreen's stop. That's why I couldn't wait---it would have thrown my entire timeline off.

I was going to be back in the area the next day, so I popped in then and picked up the picture.

I filled out the form and planned to send it off with the old passport and photos. I added a trip to the post office to my timeline and sent it some fancy way so that I can track it. There were too many choices---mostly expensive. I don't even remember if I chose "certified" or "registered." It doesn't matter, it off to the passport office. Now I'll play the waiting game. Because, of course, I can't go back to the DMV until I have my passport! 

Hmmmm, maybe I should wait until I get the passport, then take care of getting my Real ID AND the lost or stolen license plate at the same time. Sounds like a great way to spend a whole friggin' day!!

The circle of hell continues! I guess there's really no mystery here. It's the DMV. No more needs to be said!

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