Monday, December 30, 2019

Monday Mystery

Well, I was so disappointed when we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve.

No, not about my gifts---they were all great. I was upset and disappointed because I bought a gift for Jordan that did not turn up when we were unwrapping.

Last year, I started something new for Morgan and Jordan now that they are adults. Each year, I'm going to give them a Christmas book and a Christmas decoration to start their holiday collection. This year, when we went on our Danube river cruise, I decided that the decorative item was going to be a set of nesting eggs from Germany. As it turned out, I only found one set that I really liked. I decided to give it to Jordan since it was a "small" gift. Coming from Los Angeles for Christmas means we need to keep the gifts "little."

Anyway, I was very excited about the nesting egg because it was so cute! It never turned up. We checked under the tree to make sure we hadn't somehow overlooked something. It was a mystery for sure.

The next day, I got a text from Jordan. "We found it in the hot chocolate box!" I do remember her opening a gift of hot chocolate. What I don't remember was that I wrapped the egg in there! It's not unusual for me to give something like hot chocolate. I like to have a few things I refer to as fillers so that everyone gets approximately the same number of gifts.

I was so happy! I thought I had somehow thrown it away---it was so little.
The main one is two inches tall. Yes, there were 10 nested inside. She loved it!! So. Darn. Cute!

Thank goodness, mystery solved!


  1. Those are darling - I am sure you both were so glad they turned up. I do "filler" gifts too, and over the years those have been some of the best received as they most often reflect the recipient's personality, because they are picked up over the course of the year. It sounds like your Christmas was very blessed.

  2. I'm so pleased that it turned up - it's so beautiful . Now who on earth can have hidden it there? ;-)


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