Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Few Christmas Things

 This is the outside of Steph's house.
 Our garden girl does these fabulous winter pots for us.
 This is Steph's precious nativity set that Jordan and Morgan made in kindergarten.
I was the recipient of one set too! They are precious to me. I'll give it back to them some day.
 Here's one of my winter boxes.
 There is one on each side of the front door. Festive for sure. But I do like that they last all winter--even in the freezing cold.

 I have a few winter plants inside too.
 My friend, Susan S. gave me the paper whites. They are so pretty---like tiny roses.
 My sil, Janet sent me these pictures of her family baking with her grands. She said the mixing is a mess! Evie had dough all over!
 Josie is working on something else.
 Janet said their decorating skills improve every year! In a way, I miss our own family baking days. In another way, I don't! That would be the mess. We got to where I baked the cookies and then Butch helped the girls with the decorating. I couldn't handle the mess and the sound of sprinkles hitting the floor!! I do love frosted sugar cookies.

Last, I have to share this photo. My niece,  Jessica, couldn't find her "Elf on the Shelf" this year. So, my sil, Sharon sent her this.
It's my brother, Matt, doing a little painting. Does he look like an "elf on the shelf" or not? All that's missing is the red outfit! I think it's hysterical!!

Happy holidays to all of you and your families! I hope you are enjoying the season!

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