Tuesday, December 24, 2019

It's Christmas Eve!

It's here! Christmas Eve! Let the festivities begin!

It's not too late to do your napkins "cutely"---even if I did mine last week!

I thought I would share an easy napkin fold just in time for the holiday. This is called the "envelope fold."
 Lay your napkin print right side down if there's a right and wrong side.
Fold on the diagonal.
Take one side to the middle.
Take the other side to the middle. You can match them tip to tip. I slightly overlapped mine.
Do that again---take one side and fold it in to the center.
Fold the other side in.
Fold from bottom to top just below the "flap" of the envelope
Fold top down to complete the envelope. They look really cute on the plate

Side note about these napkins. Years ago, when I chaired our church women's club annual fashion show fundraiser (year after year), I got the bright idea that we'd make napkins to use at the luncheon and then sell after. And when I say "we"--I mean those wonderful ladies that can sew!! Anyway, we did this for several years and they were always a hit. They were always sold out prior to the luncheon. The best part, the buyers took them home that day so we didn't even have to wash them! I'm still using them---I have 3 different sets.
I've got all of my napkins ready to go. Only the one set is folded. the others are in napkins "rings" even though they aren't rings---the ones in the back are ceramic Christmas trees. The ones in the front are in a metal, sparkly sleighs.

I'll be doing 3 meals in the dining room: Christmas Eve breakfast, Christmas Eve dinner and then Christmas Dinner. My most favorite thing to do is set the table. I'll be sharing my table photos later.

Send me some pictures of your table and I'll post them here!

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  1. Well I hope your Christmas was jolly. I like a pretty table too, but every year I tell myself I will do something special with napkin folds, and every year it is a last minute scramble, so they get pulled through napkin rings. How wonderful to have handmade napkins with memories attached.


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