Thursday, March 29, 2018

Throwback Thursday

In my post yesterday about "What I Buy Wednesdays," I mentioned that wrinkled white linen blazer. That got me to thinking...
Does anyone iron anymore? I haven't ironed in about 20 years---well, maybe a touch-up here and there. Butch irons once in awhile---since he bought those crazy pants with all the pockets. I refuse!

Ironing---is there an app for that?


  1. I don't like ironing, but I do iron! For some reason I've noticed that if I buy something which is an American brand like Gap everything is tumble drier-able but a lot of English makes are not able to be tumbled. So annoying!

  2. I don't mind ironing, but I don't do it very often now that hubby is retired and the kids are past their parochial school uniform days. I have determined that to keep up I need only iron 1 hour a month, sometimes a little more before packing for big trips. It is easy to turn on the TV and watch something while I iron and the time flies.


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