Friday, March 9, 2018

A Day and a Half!

That's what it took to put the "new" kitchen back together. Butch was right there with me and humored me when I wanted to wash everything---including the florals! He does a really good job of putting up with me when I get obsessive about things. So glad for that! He'll do anything I ask---which includes cleaning anything really high or really low, hanging, moving and then re-hanging things and dealing with the shelf liner! What a sport. Actually, he was happy to get everything back in order too.

Without further ado:

We also had the floors re-done. I'm just happy that everything is so clean and fresh.

The pendant lights are something new. We just had the recessed overhead lights before. I wanted these.
I had plans for a farm sink, but couldn't do that without messing up the cabinet situation underneath. Instead, I opted for a triple sink like I had before. I was excited to get cast iron as everyone knows, I love the clean crisp look of white----and it's shiny! My personal preference is new things that look old---hence the faucet.

I never used the desk as a desk. I wanted more storage. So my idea was to turn it in to something that looked like a piece of furniture. I wanted to paint it blue and add shiplap to the wall. I also wanted a different counter top than the rest of the kitchen. I had a vision!

Christy, my awesome designer, made my vision a reality! She suggested raising the cabinet up and adding molding to the bottom for the look of furniture. Not only did I NOT think of that, I didn't know it could be done. I'm so happy with the results. The counter top is white quartz.
A few details: Butch wasn't thrilled with the shiplap at first. He just didn't "get it." He said it looked like uneven boards. Exactly! Now he's okay with it. Since my whole plan was to scale down and get rid of junk, the letter holders full of little vintage items and the baker's rack had to go. Still, I just had to use my grandmother's tablecloth. It means a lot to me! I don't have anything else from her.
 This was the area where the chair used to be. I have a whole new set of drawers. I have plenty of room for everything!
 I don't really like the junkieness of this, but I still have to remain practical. We need scrap paper, pens, scissors and charging potential somewhere. I tried to make it as inconspicuous as possible.
I used to have this crystal compote filled with marble fruit in the dining room. I decided to move it in the kitchen for a fresh look.

 I've always had a dish here for Butch's "stuff." I swapped it out this time---not new, but in a cabinet and never used. It will be now. It's just a matter of time before it's full of his junk.
I wanted to keep my window treatments simple this time. I decided on what we picked for Stepanie's house---plain white linen Roman shades. They are full of awesome texture! I don't really plan to close them, but they are the easy type with no strings.
Of course I had to keep my blue ceiling. I love it and have for about the past 15 years! I moved my needlework from elsewhere to above the cabinets.
This chandelier is the only thing I kept from the old kitchen. I still love it. Butch cleaned it all up and it looks great!
I got a new cooktop---induction. I've used it three times already and love it! I put my kettle on to see if it was the right kind do use with induction. It was amazing---less than 30 seconds to boil! Even if something boils over, it can't/won't stick. It's so easy to clean. I chose black granite for the countertops. I'm funny about counters that are too busy. But I also know that if there isn't some busyness, then it will show dirt, dust and smears. This is the perfect combination. Just busy enough without being too busy for my taste.

This is where the old baker's rack was.  I've had the old window for years but was able to move it down on the wall now. It was pretty cruddy from being up high and inaccessible for cleaning. I do plan to get a floor plant to add some green by the window.
This old piece of barn wood stenciled with "home" is a Jenni Bowlin creation. We've been friends since early scrapbooking days. She has a vintage flair and goes around to antique shows and sells her wares.
I snuck in the vintage pitcher with a few old kitchen utensils. Butch isn't too crazy about that. I'll get rid of it if he insists. 

I'm a sucker for marble tile. I love the texture of this tile and those tiny little mosaics.The tiny little bricks below the "pencil" is adorable! Butch wasn't crazy about it at first, but now he admits that it's grown on him! 

Overall, we have been really happy with the results. Despite a few problems along the way---and there are always problems---everything has gone pretty smoothly. Probably our biggest problem was when the cabinets were installed, they didn't match the trim paint. Turns out, the Sherwin Williams store mixed it wrong. The painters had to come back and re-paint, so that delayed the finish by a few days. Being without the kitchen hasn't been a problem at all. I guess it helps that I was gone nearly two weeks.  I guess the biggest problem was this:
One of those plug in oil air fresheners leaked all over the buffet in the dining room---where we loaded everything from the kitchen. It has ruined the wood top. That makes me sick. Luckily, I have a runner that completely covers it. Still...

It's always something!

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  1. Your makeover is gorgeous! I love the neutral wall color.


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