Thursday, March 22, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Does anyone remember these?

They are the lunch trays we had in grade school. We didn't get to buy our lunch very often. In fact, just about never unless mom was in the hospital having another baby. I loved getting those lunches. That was back in the day of lunch ladies and real, home cooked food. It was all so delicious---and nutritious. No pizza or fast food, meat and veggies every day. Each compartment had something in it with silverware rolled in a napkin in the end slot. Milk was in the compartment with the circle---white milk only, no other choices. The cakes were always so delicious too! I can still remember that good food. We even had chop suey one time. We had never heard of such a thing. It was very good. I don't think I had ever even heard of Chinese food. Heaven help you if you didn't like the food!

You had to eat everything on your tray. The nuns patrolled to make sure you were eating. There was no talking during lunch. Lunch was business. Before you could take your tray to the window to drop off for washing, you had to show it to the nuns. It was the same for the lunches we brought from home---in metal lunch boxes. We had to eat everything and show the nuns before we could be dismissed. I don't remember how much time we had in the cafeteria, but we went out to recess right after. 

Another thing I remembered about lunch---the music. They had classical music playing. I've always loved it. To this day, a particular piece can take me right back to that cafeteria. They also had music from many Broadway productions---instrumental versions---South Pacific, The Sound of Music, Camelot, etc. Had no idea what that music was back then. Maybe unbeknownst to me, that music sparked my love of music theater. At least I like to think so.
I found these at the flea market several years ago. I had plans to use them on the patio for the kids for barbecues. I never have. When we just cleaned out the kitchen, I had planned to get rid of them. Butch said to keep them. I don't know why, but I'm glad he did. They just make me happy!

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  1. School dinners were very much different in my school. We had plates and dessert dishes that we carried on trays and we certainly never ate in silence! My favourite dessert was vanilla sponge with a jam topping sprinkled with desiccated coconut served with custard - I wonder if I'd still like it if I went back now!


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