Sunday, March 25, 2018

Things That Make Me Happy!

This is sort of like a part 2 of my random post from yesterday.
To say this little guy runs to me with glee when he sees me would be a major overstatement! But, Nathan at least will not run away from me in fear! My goal with Camp Aunt Barb last summer was to ensure that the "littles" knew who I was---since I'm not around much. It worked! I love playing with the kids. That makes me happy!
This little girl doesn't really know me yet. But Reese is at the age where she lets people hold her. That makes me happy!
This is my fancy crystal chandelier in my bathroom. I got to thinking, I'm the only one who gets to enjoy it back here (well, Butch too, but I doubt he even notices it). So, I decided to move it to the dining room and replace it with a much cheaper one.
 Here's the cheap one. I like it just fine.
Honestly, I actually love it! Maybe it's just glass and not really crystal. I don't know the difference or what actually makes crystal. I got it from Wayfair---my favorite "go to" place for inexpensive home goods. I don't care that it's cheap.  I just know I like it.
This is the old brass chandelier that was here when we bought the house nearly 23 years ago. Aside from putting the chain cover on it, I've never really thought about changing it.
I'm so glad I did! I just love this and am so happy to have moved it from the bathroom. Now you may be wondering, "I'd hate to have to clean all those crystals on two chandeliers!" Well, I actually have a third one in the powder room.
This is my Waterford chandelier that was in the dining room in our old house. It was too small for the dining room in this house, so the powder room was the obvious choice. What is it with me and crystal chandeliers in bathrooms? I don't know---I guess like the dramatic statement they make. Or maybe, it's the sparkle and shine. I like anything shiny. I'm still a baby like that! Back to the cleaning issue---I LOVE cleaning them. Yes, it's true. I love cleaning crystal chandeliers. I only do it once a year, so it's really not a big chore. They should probably be done more often than that, but I really like seeing the before and after! Crystal chandeliers make me very happy!
Stephanie told me about this steam cleaner for wood floors. I put it on my Christmas list and got one from Santa!

Now, before you think my floors were this disgusting, this pad was grey and white to begin with. Still, I don't think my floors have ever been this clean! AND they're shiny. That definitely makes me happy.
It's so funny to me the things that impress you when you are a little kid. My grandma Zimmermann had these little personal salt and pepper shakers at each place on the table. I always thought they were so cute. I even asked my aunt if I could have a set when she passed away. I never got them. This pair I found at an antique shop years ago. They may not have been hers, but they are a constant reminder of the fun times, games, delicious food (she was a fabulous German cook) and family at her house in the "country!" That makes me happy!
This tablecloth belonged to that same grandma. I have one other---both given to me from a cousin. They are the only things I have from her---plus her beautiful handwriting as evidenced in my First Communion Prayer book. All of this makes me very happy!
 Crunchy peanut butter makes me happy!
Especially if it's on honey sunflower toast!
My friend, Susan, brought me these gorgeous, white roses last week. Flowers always make me happy!
This week, my friend, Mary Jo, brought me these happy tulips. And they're PINK! That makes me happy! Along side the white roses---in full bloom and still going strong a week later---perfect for spring---that makes me REALLY happy!

So, what's making you happy this week?


  1. I love to see fresh flowers - it really makes you think that summer is on its way (eventually!)

  2. OH, what a happy post!! Sunshine - that's what's making me happy lately!


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