Thursday, June 15, 2017

Things I Don't Understand

On Your Feet ---which was our favorite out of the 4 Broadway productions we saw while in New York---is closing in August. It's the Gloria and Emilio Estefan story. It was soooo good! Outstanding, really. It was all high energy, the music we all remember and great choreography. I just don't understand it. It must have to do with advertising. Until I picked it for us to see, we hadn't heard of it. On the other hand, Hamilton is all the rage. Sure, we liked it, but we didn't think it was better than On Your Feet. Good news. The Broadway production is closing, but the touring company will be bringing it to a theater near you!

I do not understand how this cylinder at the bank...
Gets all the way across the parking lot to this building in just a matter of seconds. How?? I suppose it's some sort of vacuum system. But how can it be so fast?

Another thing I don't understand---Dwight Yocum has friended me on Facebook. I realize he's not quite the star he once was, but since I've never met  him, perhaps I should take this as another scam! Anyway, I deleted his request. Sorry, Dwight, you're coming off a little desperate! No girl likes that!

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