Monday, June 5, 2017

Hockey in Smashville!

This is an exciting time to be in Nashville. Okay, it's always exciting to be here these days. Downtown is always crowded. But, now more than ever with the Predators competing for the Stanley Cup.

Saturday night, while Stephanie and Mindy were at the game, Nicky invited us over. He was planning to have friends, but that fell through. Still he wanted us to come. He bought barbecue for dinner.
Ya' gotta' love a son-in-law who wants to hang out with us---at his house---when he doesn't have to! We were having a great time. The food was delicious. Then, about half way through the 2nd period, his friends showed up. Nick with his girlfriend, Nikkie and his bestie/almost brother, Rob. I've known these kids since they were all in the second grade when we moved here.

In the meantime, we were very happy to NOT be in the middle of this:
This is Demonbreun in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Mindy lives two blocks from here. She and Justin love living downtown.
 Another view.
This is Broadway, a block over and in front of the arena. They say 60,000 people were down there.
We definitely love our hometown team! Go Preds!! Just two more to go!!

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