Thursday, June 29, 2017


Okay, I'm never doing that again! I'm never going to NOT do my journaling right away. It's been six months since I did these layouts, but didn't have a printer, so didn't do the journaling. The funny thing is that when I was teaching my organization classes, I told people that if they didn't do their journaling right away, they'd never get around to it. I'm living proof of that. Especially as many were putting their pages in to the page protectors in their scrapbooks. I'll bet you any amount of money they never went back and did it. To me, that's so sad. It's all about the story. That's the most important part!!

Finally...these were the last three...I did the others about a month ago. Still, too long!
I did a fold-out on this page as seen below. I only do one double page spread for each trip. We travel too much to do a separate scrapbook for each trip. Besides, no one would be interested in that except us.

 This is my AYM page for this month. The story starter is: "This is a good one"
 I did this page for Nancy for our round robin. As soon as I saw the subject matter, I knew I had to do it. The ideas came swiftly. I couldn't wait to work on it.
She provided the journaling, but then I added to it. She won't mind. Actually, I've been journaling for my friends now and then. I get a kick out of it and so do they!
 The journaling is under the photo in the middle.
"We get a "kick" out of kickball" That's how Mindy met Justin.

So how's your scrapbooking coming along? Are you doing your storytelling right away? Don't put it off!

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