Monday, June 12, 2017

A Whirlwind Trip

I went to St. Louis on Friday morning for the weekend. I flew in and my cousin, Chrissy picked me up. She picks me up all the time. It gives us a chance to spend the day together. We did a little shopping. I found these for Stephanie...
...a pair of cute flip flops from Kate Spade. I got them for Stephanie because hers was the only size they had. Fun fact about Kate Spade---she's married to David Spade's older brother.

We went to several stores and wound up at Charming Charlie's. I found a few fun accessories. After, we had lunch at Freddie's. Chrissy introduced me to Freddie's a couple years ago. I always want to go to Steak and Shake when I'm in St. Louis. She said the Freddie's was better and she's right! It's so good---just like Steak and Shake used to be!

We got to my brother, Matt's around 3:30 after a stop at the grocery store. Chrissy helped me make the grape salad for the shower. She spent the evening with us. Janet, Jeanne and Jim came by. Matt fried some of the 100 crappie he had caught that day with his friend. The fish was delicious!
 When bedtime came, Matt had turned down the sheets and left mints on the pillow!
 The next day, we went to Jackie's for Allison's baby shower---the reason I was there. Jeanne made this adorable diaper cake. Allison is going to have a girl and is doing her room in pink and grey.

 The party favors were Janet's idea---something about "popping."
 Evie was playing with a "fidget spinner." I had never even heard of them until Chris E. had told that her grandchildren's school had banned them. After that, I started seeing them everywhere!
 Evie, Nathan and Travis---I told them about my plan for them on our family vacation in July. I've invited them to Camp Aunt Barb! I have all kinds of fun things planned for them. Butch has agreed to help me with the fishing part! Josie is 2 and not pictured here, but she'll be at the camp!
 Aunt Marie, my mom's younger sister. I hadn't seen her since Christmas. She looks so good for 82, don't you think!
 A few shots of the party.

 The mama to be with Scarlett by her side.
We took the party over to my brother, Ronnie's for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We had plenty of food left! Here's little Josie. She kept eating and eating and eating. Her mom tried to convince us that she's not a good eater.
 Based on the amount she ate we didn't believe her.

We got home around 10, so I hit the sack. The next morning, I was barely out of bed when my brother did this!
 I would have stripped the bed!! Later when I offered to help make it, it was already done! He's pretty compulsive when it comes to cleaning. I never saw anyone wipe the counter and sink so many times in a row! When he had the sink wiped out, I felt bad that I needed to rinse something. That set him off again.
 On Sunday, we spent the afternoon outside. The weather was gorgeous.

 Their back patio and flowers are gorgeous. Everything is so inviting.
Sharon and I went to Oma's Barn---a garden and gift shop. When we got back, we picked up Matt and Scarlett to go to Stephanina's for lunch. They have great Italian food. I always want Italian while I'm in St. Louis too.

They took me to the airport where I had planned to watch some of the Stanley Cup hockey game. I was so disappointed! They had CNN on. I asked if the tv could be changed and the gate agent said "no!." I went down to a bar---which was completely full, but they had a basketball game on and a rodeo. I guess since the Blues weren't in the Stanley Cup, St. Louis isn't interested!

I did manage to get the game on my phone. I was able to watch the entire first period. Butch picked me up and we listened to it on the way home. The score was still 0-0 with little time left in the 4th quarter. We hit a dead spot near our house and missed the Penguins goal! We got home and watched the last 40 seconds. A disappointing end for the Predators, but they played hard! Maybe next year.

Now I'm gearing up for Sandy and family this week. We're all looking forward to it! We have a lot planned and no one wants to miss anything. But with jobs, it's hard to find times that work for everybody for everything! We do what we can...

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