Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bath Mishap

So far, this hasn't gotten old.
I still enjoy walking it to my new bathroom every time! I love the heated tile floors. I'm going to like them more in the winter! I know how to work the thermostat---it's very easy. The new tub---not so much! Notice the control pad on the left side vanity. You'll need to know where that is a little later.
Sunday night, I decided to take a bath. This time, I wasn't going to use the air jets. I wanted to use one of these Lush bath bombs that Stephanie had given me for my birthday. In the meantime, I thought they made a nice decoration. I put one in the bottom of the tub and started the water.
I got out the owners manual. The back of the tub is heated. I wanted to turn that on. As I was figuring it out, I pushed something and the air jets started up. I was trying to figure out how to turn them off. I had my back to the tub--I was actually sitting on the side messing with the control pad with my back to the tub.
I about jumped out of my skin when I felt those bubbles! Now I was in a panic. It happened so fast and the bubbles were going crazy, nearly ready to overflow the tub. I managed to turn the jets off. I didn't know what to do about the bubbles. I decided to let the water out. Once the water drained, the whole tub was still full of bubbles and still over the top. I re-started the water and kept pushing the bubbles under the faucet. Once they were down to a manageable amount, I climbed in. I had a notion to call Butch to come in and take my picture, but decided against it. I didn't really want him to see the mess I'd made.
I want you to notice how thick the darn instruction book is! Half of it is in a foreign language. I hate that. I want something simple. Just a simple card with a couple step by step illustrations. I'm sure it's pretty simple. I just need to use it more. I love a bath, but have gotten out of the habit---22 years ago when we moved in. The tub we had before was too darn big. Anyway, I love the tub and am so glad we have it. It's newer technology---not a jacuzzi, but forced air. I'm just showing my age regarding technology (heck, I have to get the book out every time I want to clean my oven)! There is actually a memory setting like your car seat so you can just get in the tub and push your button. I don't know how to set that. I'll need to work on it!

One thing is for sure. I'll definitely leave the book for whoever follows us!

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