Monday, June 26, 2017

The Dollar Store

Let me begin by saying that I am by no means a dollar store expert. On the other hand, I'd say that Butch is. I have to admit, when you are looking for some cheap decorations, games, wraps, etc. you can't beat the dollar store.

In preparation for Camp Aunt Barb during the Zimmermann family vacation mid July, I've been making plans. I needed some things from the dollar store. I put Butch on it. Instead, today we decided to run errands together. Our final stop was the dollar store.

As soon as we approached, I saw this poster on the front window:
I literally said "wow!" I told Butch, "we need to try those." He said, "Barb, even I have limits!" I said, "Come on, they're rib-eyes!" (By the way---I realize that when I do conversations I don't follow the rules of grammar correctly---I know how they are supposed to be done, but just choose not to---too many extra lines in my opinion).

Anyway, we did not get the steaks. I sort of felt like "what do we have to lose". But then I got to thinking, maybe it's not even real meat! 3.5 oz. isn't very big, but that's enough for me.

We did our shopping and found most of what we were looking for. While standing in the check-out line, I saw this.
Okay, so I wonder who relies on a pregnancy test from the dollar store. I get that it's "VeriQuick" but I decided to pass. It's not like I need it anyway!
Here's the loot we scored. The girls were after Butch to get things for the 4th of July. He always does.  Half of it is for Camp Aunt Barb. My plan is to take Evie and Travis (both 5),  Nathan (3) and Josie (2) for the day. And I do mean a full day! 8-4. I'm going to be worn out! I have a lot planned. I'm working on sending them invitations this week so they can look forward to it. I guarantee they'll have fun!

Who knows, as I continue to plan, I might need to make another trip back to the dollar store!

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