Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Ridiculous Caution

So, I got this email yesterday. Seriously, who falls for this stuff? There must be someone falling for it, or they would quit sending it out.

Good Day,

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I'm in a terrible situation. I came down here to Manila Philippines for a program, last night on my way back to my hotel room I was robbed  at gunpoint, my wallet and other valuables were stolen off me, leaving my passport and life safe. My luggage is still in custody of the hotel management pending when I  make payment on outstanding bills I owe. I called my bank for a wire transfer but it has proven almost Impossible to operate my account from here as they made me  understand international transactions take 7 working days to be effective which i can't wait.

I need you to help me with a loan to pay my hotel bills and get my self home. I will reimburse you soon as I get back Home. I will appreciate whatever you can assist  me with. Let me know if you can be of help.

All hopes on you,

Bob Hubbard.

Don't fall for it!! I didn't. Plus it helps that I have never heard of Bob Hubbard!

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