Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Stanley Cup

When it comes to sports, I tend to only become interested when one of "my" teams makes it to the finals. Usually it's the Cardinals. But this time, it's the Predators. I've watched them through the finals and now I'm watching them for the Stanley Cup. They are already down two games­čś×! But just maybe we can come back. After all, "my" team the Patriots did it!!

Anyway, a business colleague of Butch's offered him TWO tickets to game 3 of the Stanley Cup right here in Smashville. Hmmmm, who to take? Of course, he offered the ticket to me first. I'm torn. We have some serious fans in the family---and not just when they get to the finals.

The only option was to put names in a hat. We narrowed it down pretty quickly:
1. Justin has to work.
2. Morgan already has tickets.
3. Nicky has to entertain guests for the game.
4. Jordan is not interested in sports.
5. Lapps' live too far away.

That left Mindy and Stephanie. It went like this---just to prove there was no "hanky panky."

 We texted these pictures to the girls.
 Mindy didn't get it.
She finally "got it" when Butch did this. She strongly protested---as did Stephanie a while later. Still, Butch said he felt like me in as far as he's not a huge hockey fan. It seems only right that both of the girls go. Besides, Butch just could not choose between the two! So much for the theory that Mindy is his favorite!

Pretty quickly, Nicky sent us an invitation to join him and his friends for the game at his house. We just might do that. Then we can leave when ever we want!

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  1. So exciting!!!
    Matt Murry is from my home you can only guess on who I am rooting for, lol.


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