Sunday, June 25, 2017

Oak Steak House

Move over Jimmy Kelly, there's a new steak house in town!
On Friday night, Stephanie and Nicky treated us to dinner for all the help we gave them during their recent move. Mindy and Justin joined us. Nicky had found out about this new place downtown (near The Gulch). It's only been open for a week. They have valet parking at the adjacent Westin Hotel. Valet parking is a necessity these days---especially downtown.

The Oak Steak House originated in Charleston, SC. There are now 4 locations: Charleston, Atlanta, Charlotte and now, Nashville. They brought in experienced managers and servers to help get the restaurant off the ground, smoothly. And boy, did they!

The FOOD!!! It's one of those places (like most are now) that has unusual things on the menu based on what's available locally (that whole farm to table thing).  I'm going to list the things we got so you can see what I mean.

Butch got 3 (you ordered however many you want) Oysters Rockefeller smoked bacon, parmesan reggiano, hollandaise, spinach, breadcrumbs
He also got the Carved CAB® Tenderloin & Frites béarnaise, pecorino-truffle frites.
We shared the salad (the server told us that salads were recommended to share). I love that they divide it before it comes to the table. Green Door Bibb Lettuce chive, confit tomatoes, gifford’s bacon, sourdough croutons, blue cheese, shaved egg, buttermilk ranch 

I got the filet with a horseradish cream. We shared sides.

Stephanie, Nicky, Mindy and Justin all got a huge assortment of appetizers:
CAB® Steak Tartare
quail egg, togarashi, toasted sesame, cucumber, soy-ginger, rice noodle, pea tendrils
Hudson Valley Foie Gras
toasted corn bread, blackberry jam, lavender-honey, mascarpone foam
Crispy Sweet Breads (yikes!! The pancreas!)
onion soubise, o-med cider gastrique, radish, fresno pepper relish, pork belly
Seared Sea Scallops
cauliflower risotto, english pea puree, prosciutto, watermelon radishes
Artisanal Cheese & Meat Board
chicken liver, pickled vegetable crudités, house-made accompaniments, marcona almonds, grilled local bread, williams honey

In addition, Mindy got the same salad as me. Stephanie got the Beet Salad
roasted local beets, sorrel, goat cheese croquette, pistachio, greens, black garlic & honey dressing.

Nicky ordered and assortment of raw oysters and clams too.

Although I didn't taste everything, it was all delicious! Then, if all of that wasn't enough, our server asked if we were celebrating anything. Steph explained the purpose of the dinner. To that, we were treated to an assortment of desserts.
 My favorite was the blondie with ice cream, caramel sauce and chocolate covered pretzels.
 The chocolate cake is served with milk. Nicky didn't really like it. He thought it was goat milk.
Steph said it was malted milk and that it was delicious! It could have been colder.
 The restaurant is all glass. It had a very nice atmosphere and was not at all too loud---like some.
 The tile floor even has the name inlaid.

I know you are wondering if it was expensive. The answer is YES! But then I have to qualify that. 

#1 All restaurants downtown are expensive. With so many tourists, it's no surprise. We think we're New York now!

#2 And this is probably closer to the truth. Since we are older, we've lost the concept of what things cost. It's all relative. Young people don't blink at spending $$$ for dinner. We still remember the days when our big splurge was Red Lobster---at Christmas time! 20 bucks back then was a lot of money!!

Anyway, Oak Steak House was fabulous! We'll definitely be going back!

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